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Department of Investigation works and Laboratory Testing

The following tasks are performed in the Department of Investigation works and Laboratory Testing

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Activity covers

  • Field research
  • Laboratory testing of materials
  • Elaborations for the development of projects of different types of buildings
  • Landslide remediation projects
  • Sales of equipment and software applications
  • Installation and assembly of equipment
  • Commissioning of the system
  • Maintenance
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Creating a database on traffic load
  • Preparation of publications on traffic load on the road network
  • Preparation of reports on traffic load and vehicle speeds on roads
  • Control laboratory tests
  • Ongoing laboratory tests
  • Laboratory tests for the needs of technical documentation

Company vision

Our vision is to achieve cooperation with a large number of different clients in our country and region. In this way, state institutions and other clients will acquire a professional, trustworthy and trusted business partner, which will increase the overall benefit of their business.

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