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Tourist signalization for marking bicycle routes

Cultural and rural tourism, rural tourism, wine tourism, hiking, canoeing, river cruises and cycling are becoming increasingly popular forms of leisure. And one of the most popular ways to travel in Europe today is cycling tourism – for example, about 2.5 million Germans spend their holidays exclusively on bicycles.
According to the European Cycling Federation (ECF), cycling tourism in Europe is a major generator of economic development:

  • 2.8 billion bicycle trips a year, of which 25.6 million are overnight stays
  • The average daily consumption of a cyclist is about 16 euros
  • For overnight stays, the estimated consumption is 350 euros per trip
  • The total economic impact of cycling tourism in Europe is 54 billion euros a year

EuroVelo is a bicycle network composed of 15 long routes that cover and connect the entire European continent. The network was designed and developed by the European Cycling Federation based in Brussels. EuroVelo routes are intended for cyclists, but also for the local population in terms of daily trips to school or work.
The EuroVelo network has a total length of about 70,000 km, and is estimated to generate 42 million trips a year, as well as an economic benefit worth 5 billion euros. For the period after the complete completion of the network, the estimates are even more ambitious: the direct benefit of 7 billion euros, 14.5 million cyclists, and the generation of 45 million euros from day trips are overlooked (Pickett Study, 2012).
Three EuroVelo routes pass through the Republic of Serbia: 6, 11 and 13.

MHM-project d.o.o. In the period since 2009, Novi Sad has been actively participating in the tracing of bicycle routes and the preparation of appropriate studies, the development of tourist signalization projects for their marking, the development of studies for the construction and installation of rest areas and other ancillary equipment. In addition to the above-mentioned EuroVelo routes, we also participated in the development and tracing of the International Sava Cycling Route, the International Amazon Cycling Route in the City of Sombor and the Municipality of Apatin, the Lake Route in Srem and others.

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