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Reconstruction of the embankment Ljutovo

In accordance with the planned activities for more efficient defense against agricultural land floods and preservation of the main defense embankment, the Municipality of Novi Becej has initiated the preparation of project technical documentation necessary for the rehabilitation / upgrade of the summer embankment Ljutovo. Novi Becej with the summer embankment in question is located on the left bank of the river Tisa.

The summer embankment Ljutovo is located west of the settlement of Novi Becej, protecting about 870 ha of arable land and 230 ha of forest area and pastures. Long-term non-maintenance of the embankment and the appearance of high water levels on the Tisza River over the years have led to damage to the embankment. The consequences of this are certainly the damage that occurred on agricultural land, ie destroyed crops.
The general goal of the project documentation is to create conditions for more efficient flood defense, by repairing the damaged embankment, providing sufficient width of the crown so that the mechanization could use the embankment during floods and regular maintenance. The construction of a bicycle path along the crown of the embankment is also planned, which will develop cycling tourism in the area of the Municipality of Novi Bečej and which will in the future be part of the international bicycle route EuroVelo 11.

The project envisages the construction of a spillway (at the height of 10% of the great water of the Tisza) at two locations, as well as the construction of a canal network with open earthen channels with a bottom width of 1.0 m and a slope of 1: 1.5. Since the dual use of drainage and irrigation canals is planned, the slope of the canal is 0%, ie the bottom of the canal is horizontal. On the newly designed canal network, it is planned to install four standard stops with panel shutters.
For the needs of irrigation, the construction of a pumping station is planned.

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